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  "My London Bridge  " &nbsp; &nbsp;Copyright © 1985 by Arnold Lobel (courtesy of Harper Collins Publishers)

"My London Bridge"   Copyright © 1985 by Arnold Lobel (courtesy of Harper Collins Publishers)

I especially love the illustrations in children’s books. Allan Ahlberg (the wonderful children’s book author who created 37 classic books with Janet Ahlberg) expressed that “just because a book is tiny and its readers are little doesn't mean it can't be perfect. On its own scale, it can be as good as Tolstoy or Jane Austen.” (Or Van Gogh or Mary Cassatt).

All of the illustrators listed below are pre-internet generation, and most therefore don't have their own websites; however, I tried to provide whatever links I could to their work. They are all amazing and worth learning about. 


 All cartoons used with kind permission from the artists

All cartoons used with kind permission from the artists

And More.....

Breakfast in Bed,  Mary Cassatt

  • Akuji XXV
    • Akuji is a Jamaican-American artist who advocates for mental health awareness. Check out this interview with her. I love her work!!

  • Mary Cassatt
    • It would be impossible for me to pick one all-time favorite artist, but Mary Cassatt would definitely be among the ‘finalists’ if I had to.  She was American but moved to Paris to become a professional artist, and spent her life painting and exhibiting her work, something women didn’t really do in the 1800s-which makes her commitment to her work (aside from the work itself) pretty impressive. 
  • József Domján
  • Edward Gorey
  • Nicole Gustafson
  • Turkan Ilkdemirci
    • Turkan was a fellow artist at Bucktown Arts Fest in Chicago last year. I feel lucky to have met her--her work is gorgeous, and she's been a great source of advice.
  • Frida Kahlo
    • Frida is one of the most fascinating people and greatest artists ever, and I wouldn't even know where to begin describing why she's so great. If you know anything about her, you'll know what I mean; if you don't, she's definitely worth learning about.    
  • Gustav Klimt
  • Henri Mattise
  • Paul Nzalamba
  • Ikki Matsumoto
  • Carol Rossetti
  • Vincent Van Gogh

Fulang Chang and I, Frida Kahlo