Words of Wisdom

I think Eileen Kinsella's recent article in artnet, 18 Female Artists Give Advice To Women Starting Out In The Art Worldis worth reading, no matter your gender, or whether or not you're an artist. If you enjoy art in some capacity in your life—whether through art shows, museums, or illustrations—it's important to be aware of the fact that the art world is far from equal when it comes to gender. As Käthe Kollwitz of the activist group the Guerrilla Girls has pointed out "If everyone doesn't stand up for a different art world and try to create a different one, 50 years from now, museums will not have a true picture of what was going on in culture....They'll have a picture of what was going on in power."  

You can read a bit more about gender inequality in the art world here, and from Curator Helen Molesworth here