An Art Exhibit for Dogs (!!!!!!)

Designer Dominic Wilcox has created the best show ever in the history of art with a London exhibit that's just for dogs. Just look at how happy and excited all the dogs are, awwwwww.

The exhibit was commissioned by UK insurance company More Th>n as part of their #PlayMore campaign, aimed at encouraging people to devote more time to playing with their pets. The exhibit's website also lists "lots of ideas of fun games and activities you can play with your dogs and cats" even if you missed the show. Because More Th>n is a British company, play ideas for dogs include "Splash at the seaside", and my favorite "Survey your land from a castle: Dogs love to find new territory to explore. So why not take them back in time to a historic castle where they can conquer new land." Yes, of course, why not?

Their play ideas for cats are just as adorable, and just as British (one of their ideas is to "Play football with your cat by gently throwing them a small, soft ball and allowing them to catch it. You’ll soon find out how good a goalkeeper they are!"). I'm digressing a little from the art exhibit, but this whole thing is so cute, I'm dying. 

Of course, it's all part of a marketing campaign for pet insurance, but I think it's worth noting that More Th>n also does a lot to help animals in need by supporting the UK's Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). So, perhaps, some of the extra media buzz/profit generated by the campaign will lead to more awareness/money for animals beyond those whose people can afford to buy them insurance (or take them to art exhibits, for that matter).

To sum this up: I think Dominic can just retire now, as he's obviously reached the pinnacle of artistic greatness with this exhibit. Unless....he decides to do a show for cats, which I totally call happening next.....