Art under Trump

It's been a looong time since I've posted anything (not that I haven't been super busy with my artwork-I have!), but I thought it fitting today to share a couple of things Trump-related, in solidarity with the millions throughout the world protesting his inauguration.

Stassa Edwards wrote this piece right after Trump's election, and it's been on my radar to share ever since. She sites art critic Jerry Saltz and writer Joyce Carol Oates, who both seem to think that Trump's dictatorship is going to be just wonderful for artists everywhere. Their view, one that's been heard a lot, is that tumultuous times in history inspire great art. Both obviously speak from a privileged and narrow vantage point, however.

When things are rough economically and civil rights are in jeopardy, this is exactly what hinders marginalized groups and diverse voices from creating and showcasing their artwork. Sure, you may get some interesting and good protest art (likely from the most privileged subset of artists), but here's the thing: I’d much rather live in a thriving country with a good economy that takes care of all of its people--a place where this type of art doesn't even have a need to be created in the first place (other than as a more abstract/historical commentary without any connection to reality). In any case, great art does not have to be political, and it's every artist's choice whether they want to express themselves politically through their work or not. 

The best response to this Trump-will-lead-to-great-art nonsense, is, of course, from an artist--brilliant political cartoonist Matt Lubchansky