Good things worth reading

Art-related news worth sharing that I came across in the past month or so:

What if Trump Really Does End Money for the Arts? Btw, I think Doggie Hamlet ("a dance project set in a Vermont field with dogs and sheep") sounds like one of the more brilliant and wonderful art projects I've ever heard of. I DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN WORLD WHERE WE CAN'T HAVE THINGS LIKE DOGGY HAMLET.

MoMa Shelves Western Canon Works, Replaces With Art From Banned Countries

Teen Recreates Van Gogh Painting On Her Leg Instead Of Self-Harming

This Simple Comic Perfectly Explains Privilege, And Everyone Must Read It

Children’s Book Author Mary Engelbreit Made a Great Poster for People to Take to the Women’s March I love this! Mary Engelbreit's work (though it can be a little schmaltzy) has inspired me since I was very young. I love that she's completely open and unapologetic about supporting progressive causes.